Starrag’s Chronicles II: Forage

Alasdair had a sorcerer, one who practiced the dark arts. There was no other explanation for the negative energy he was sensing in the fortress. It would also explain some unexplainable things that happened at the former battles against the king’s army. Brayan must have guessed that the stories weren’t just rumours and that was … Continue reading Starrag’s Chronicles II: Forage


Happy Easter. The light of the world has reeturned, may He lighten your path. May the peace He bestowed after His resurrection be with you. Enjoy this short piece as you enjoy your day (or even if it's boring).


She unrolled her mat in the center of the room and walked to the mirrored wall. She was looking at the image of a woman in her early thirties dressed in a worn tracksuit, with brown skin and sad brown eyes. Her petite frame was fit but her shoulders were slouched, her lips were pursed, … Continue reading Aura